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Our goal was to create an intimate, comfortable, and unforgettable mobile sauna which at the same time feels spacious and allows you to connect with nature. That is why we carefully picked the best materials and elements for our sauna. We used western red cedar for the best smell and luxurious feeling, "harvia" wood-burning stove for the best heat transfer, and large insulated windows for you to enjoy the nature outside.

Western Red Cedar

Our benches, walls, and ceiling are built using western cedar with your comfort in mind. You will never burn your skin when you sit on our benches or lean on the walls. By having different levels for lounging you can share those moments even with someone who doesn't like the heat. You can also comfortably lay down, stretch and relax on the top benches. 

Wood-Burning Stove 

We use "Harvia" wood burning stove as a source of heat in our sauna. Not only it distributes the heat more evenly, but the sound of burning firewood is truly peaceful. 

Insulated Windows

One of our main goals was for you to feel the space in the sauna and connect with nature outside. By installing large insulated windows we invited more light in the room while at the same time giving you the opportunity to watch everything that happens outside: kids playing by the campsite, crashing waves in the ocean, friends sitting by the bonfire. As a bonus, no one can see you from the outside through those windows, but you can keep an eye on everything. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have to say about the design and the layout of everything that we took into consideration while building our mobile #sauna2go. We really take pride in what we were able to build for you and are certain that you will fall in love with this unforgettable experience. 

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