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Recharge yourself like you recharge you phone, with our sauna obviously!

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I was lucky enough to fall in love with the sauna when I was just a little kid. For me, the sauna is a lot more than just a hot room. It is a place where you enjoy the company of your loved ones and friends, where you relax after a busy day, where you connect with like-minded people, where you recharge your own batteries. It is a place to heal and take care of your body and mind. 

Along with the sauna I have always loved being in nature. Camping by the river, swimming in the ocean, hiking trails, and mountains. All of those activities played a major role in my physical health and mental wellbeing. 

As a result, I decided to combine two of my most favorite activities to be able to enjoy the sauna in the most scenic, romantic, and remote locations. That is how our woodfired mobile #sauna2go came to its existence. 

Over time, I noticed that sauna and nature helped me overcome various challenges in life and the goal of #sauna2go is to allow you experience the same. Let our sauna heal you where it is needed, provide you joy and relaxation, and introduce you to an unforgettable and romantic experience that you would want to come back to all the time.  

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